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YEN For Zen

Ladies Night Saut

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Christmas Gifts

We sell Gift Certificates in any denomination that can be used to come to the studio and paint or a special Event like (Kids Night Out) or you can projects to take home and Paint.
We also sell all our pieces at half the price to take home and paint!…

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Christmas Gatherings Made Easy

Looking to host a family, office or club event, we have the prefect space! We have space for 30 people. Bring in your own food beverages extra, there is a small fridge microwave and hot plate and lots of space to make it look festive. You can add …

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Christmas Trees

Have you ever wanted to make your very own ceramic Christmas tree? You know – the one that your great aunt has. The one that has a million little plastic lights that got lost in the move. The one that’s been in your family for generations!

Well, l…

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Drop in always Welcome!

During our open ours whether there are programs running drop ins are welcome! if you like us to stay open longer or to come in during an evening we would be happy to do so!

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