How it Works



Paint it up pottery studio is a contemporary ceramic studio offering a wide array of “paint-it-pottery-9367_640yourself” ceramics. We have an extensive selection of unfinished pieces to choose from including dinnerware, figures, decorations, and holiday themed items.

We welcome any level of experience from new to painting ceramics to professionals! Bring you ideas or be inspired by our display pieces and our friendly staff would love to help you create your “one-of-a-kind” piece of art! Prices start at $15.00, which include paint, glaze and kiln firing!

You can drop in at any time or you can reserve for small groups. For more information about booking for a Birthday or a large gathering, Click here!

We also offer a number of events including Kids Night Out and Ladies Night! Check out our events tab for more information on our Children events, Adult events, Workshops, and Special day offers!


Please Note that its does take us some time to fire your pottery so give yourself some time to paint. If you need your pottery for a special date please let us know we can put a rush on items!



clay-74792_640Drop in anytime  and we will have all the tools required to build your very own creation from Clay! Explore the creative possibilities of clay with exciting projects to challenge every skill level. Handbuilding techniques presented include pinch, coil, slab and hollow building. Introduce your hands to your imagination! An alternative to wheel throwing that allows more creative options in clay construction. Prices start from $15+GST/person per session plus $2.50+GST/lb for the clay.


potters-wheel-58557_640Melba Seto of Seto Pottery is our new resident potter! Born and raised in Alberta, Melba has been an artist in various forms of mediums for the majority of her life. In the past 2 years she has committed to becoming a professional potter ands wishes to now share her love of ceramics with others.

She has a few workshops for those that are looking to try our pottery wheels!

To learn more about all our clay workshops Click Here!