Adult Painting Workshops

Whether it is Christmas, Easter, Fall or Summer, we have ideas and projects for all occasion. Each month we host a special project where we lead you through each step of creating a piece of ceramic that you can be proud of. We supply the brushes, paint, glaze, bisque, and fire it to perfection! Please observe our monthly calendar for information, dates and times.  Must have 6 people to run the class.

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6 Session Punch Pass Pottery Course

Cost: Punch Pass Pottery Course $250 for 6 x 90 min classes.

When: Classes must be booked in advance during studio hours from Friday – Sunday. Limited to 2 people per time slot at this time.

Description: In this lesson pack students will learn the fundamentals of working with clay. Including basic wheel throwing techniques, hand building and glazing. By the end of the lesson set students will successfully create multiple pieces of pottery, completed and ready to be treasured!

Course Breakdown:

  1. Wedging & Centering& Cylinders: Students will learn the fundamentals of how to prepare clay throwing on the wheel and how to create cylinders; the essential shape to creating all forms of pottery.
  2. Trimming & Handles: Students will learn how to trim and finish their cylinders on the wheel and attach handles to create the first piece(s) of greenware pottery.
  3. Glazing & Waxing: Students will learn glazing techniques and how to glaze their piece(s) to be fired one last time.
  4. Bowl Throwing: Students will learn how to create a basic bowl on the wheel.
  5. Trimming &Altered Form Dishes: Students will trim their bowls from the previous class and create an altered form dish. They will prepare their piece(s) to be fired into bisque. Students will also complete any unfinished projects from the previous class.
  6. Glazing & Finishing: Students will glaze the remainder of their pieces and return to pick up finished pieces once they are completed.

*Projects vary slightly and may change without notice. Please call to book session in advance.

Hand Building Workshops/Group Events

Cost: $60+GST per person for 2 x 90 min sessions. Maximum of 10 people per Workshop.

Description: These workshops are 2 sessions long and project based so that all students may feel the satisfaction of completing a project. The first class focuses on working with the clay to create a piece. The clay requires about a week fro drying and firing time. The second session is designed to show students how to glaze their piece. This is where students will take the time to design and personalize their pieces. *Pieces then will need to be fired in the kiln one last time before pick up.

*Projects vary and may change without notice. Please call to book in advance.

Instructor Guided Wheel Throwing

Beginner and Intermediate

Cost: $80+GST for 90 min session per person. Ideally maximum of 2 people.

Description: These lessons are designed for those who wish to learn about using the pottery wheel at their own pace with an instructor. Whether you’re looking to try it out once or improve skills you already have. These pay-as-you-go sessions are intended to move at each individuals learning pace and focus on the fundamentals of pottery. Things that may be learned might included but not limited to: proper pottery etiquette, preparing the clay/wedging the clay, centering the clay on the wheel, trimming and finishing pieces on the wheel, and learning the stages of pottery.

Pieces that are made in the private classes included the use of the studio for students to return and glaze their pieces once they are fired. Prices may change without notice. Please book in advance.