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Everyone can paint at Paint it up Pottery studio in Okotoks……..so Drop in anytime no Reservations Required!

Paint it up pottery studio is a contemporary ceramic studio offering a wide array of “paint-it-yourself” ceramics. We have an extensive selection of unfinished pieces to choose from. Our friendly staff would love to help you create your “one-of-a-kind” piece of art! Prices start at $15.00, which include paint, glaze and kiln firing!

Looking to arrange a small get-together for a group of friends, family members or colleagues? Give us a call or send us an email and we’ll reserve you a table during regular studio hours and set aside any stock pieces you would like held for your guests.

We have a selection of Stoneware, which provides a different painting avenue.  Strong bold, durable housewares that are food save for you to create. Prices  include paint, glaze, instruction, brushes and kiln firing! 

We have also introduced two Pottery Wheels in our studio for rent. Come in during studio hours and rent the wheel for a small fee.  We also sell two red and white CLAY and high fire and low fire clay.

We also offer Workshops for all ages!   Check out our Fall Workshop!  Register for our workshop on Tuesday  - November 18  from 7 – 830 pm!  Grandma favourite Recipe Pie Plate bring in a recipe that you would like to cherish or perhaps gift to someone on this stone ware pie plate.  We will help you create  beautiful fall shades all you have to do is find the recipe to be fired onto the plate.  Please RSVP seats are limited.

Grandmas_Pumpkin_Pie (300 x 300)

What we offer:

Ceramic Painting

Ceramic Painting Workshops

Ladies Night ( Yen for Zen)

Kids Night Out

Summer Camps

Mosaic Stepping Stones


Where Are we……

100 Stockton Avenue
Next to the Okotoks Movie Theatre

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Tel: 403 938 1100